Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Chiropractic adjustment hurt?

Under normal circumstances getting an adjustment from a Chiropractor doesn’t hurt. However in some instances such as a recent injury or trauma, where there is inflammation present, a small amount of discomfort may be felt.

I’m pregnant, can I still see a Chiropractor?

Absolutely! Due to the increased stress on the body from the weight of their growing babies, many pregnant mothers find that adjustments throughout pregnancy can lower their discomfort levels especially lower back, hips and neck pain.

Can chiropractors treat children and babies?

Yes! Children are constantly on the move and as a result they are always falling down and hurting themselves. Chiropractic is very important to ensure that there are no misalignment’s in their spine that could cause ongoing developmental problems as they progress to adulthood.

What training does a Chiropractor need?

In Australia a Chiropractor must complete a five year university degree. This consists of a three year bachelor degree and a two year Masters degree.

How many adjustments will I need?

The amount of treatments needed will vary from patient to patient. Many patients see the benefit of maintaining their health through scheduled chiropractic treatments whilst others like to wait until a problem becomes symptomatic.

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